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Swim Lesson Class Descriptions


Skips (6 months - 3 years)

This class helps you and your child enjoy the water through game playing, singing-along, and blowing bubbles.  We emphasize water safety, water adjustment skills, and basic swim movements.
The YMCA's Preschool Aquatics Program involves step-by-step instruction of swimming and water safety skills which develops children's confidence.


Children adjust to the water by gradually putting their faces in the water.  Students will also learn how to float on their backs and paddle in the water without assistance.


Children will be introduced to swimming with their face in the water, free-style, and elementary backstroke.  In addition, they will start to work without a fun belt.


Children will work on freestyle with rhythmic breathing and be introduced to backstroke.  The majority of the children swim on their own without the aid of a fun belt.  They will be introduced to diving.

YOUTH LESSONS, 5 years old and up

This step-by-step progression of swimming and safety skills enables a child to swim safely, enjoy the water and use swimming as a lifetime fitness sport.  Class placement is determined by the student's skills and comfort level.  We build on strengths and support personal development over their progression.  Please note - as classes become more difficult, it may be necessary for your child to repeat a class to effectively master the skills.


This class is for beginning swimmers who may show some fear of the water.  They will learn to get their face wet, perform elementary backstroke, freestyle stroke, and practice rhythmic breathing.


Children must be able to swim half the length of the pool while working on their freestyle with rotary breathing.  They will also be introduce to the backstroke.


Children must be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping.  They will work on endurance while using freestyle and backstroke.  They will be introduced to diving.


Kids work on perfecting freestyle and backstroke for 50 yards (2 lengths of the pool).  They will learn breaststroke and be introduced to the butterfly stroke.