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Samuel's Story
When Samuel started out at Y swim lessons, he began the lesson by stating he could not swim; he was so afraid of the water. Once in the water with his swim instructor, Elizabeth, Samuel refused to let go of her, clinging tightly to her wrists. After a few days of instruction Samuel still continued to cling onto the wall and insisted, "I can't swim!"
Elizabeth knew if she kept him far enough away from the wall to not reach it, but close enough for him to swim to, he would be successful. After 2 weeks of coaxing and encouragement in the Marietta Family YMCA Summer Swim Lessons, Samuel, who previously didn’t want to be in the water without being held, is now swimming by himself and without any fear of the water. Samuel also is jumping into the pool on his own without being 'caught' by his instructor. An awesome transformation; one that happens frequently in the Y swim lessons as children learn skills they will use for a lifetime.
Swim instructor Elizabeth says this of Samuel's experience, "Samuel now has a love for the water and has gained the confidence to know how to swim by himself safely. He has made a complete turn around from the first day of class to the last."
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