Gravity Training

The GTS machinie is a cutting edge piece of equipment found only at the Y in this area. It lets you perform over 500 exercises against and with the forces of gravity, allowing you to customize each workout based on your own resistance and achieve that long lean build you've always wanted.

How can members experience results so quickly from 30-60 minute workouts with the GRAVITY SYSTEM?

There are several reasons. Each exercise on GTS™ offers both stretch and flexion in combination to create a comprehensive effect for defining and strengthening in a short time span. The dynamic pulley system, an incline that's adjustable so the member can pull a specific percentage of body weight and the rolling glideboard encourage the body to move naturally and synergistically - challenging multiple muscle groups at the same time, for an effective, quick, full body workout. The quick, noticeable results promote customer satisfaction. Functional exercise for performance improvements and enhancement at work, play, or in our daily lives.
Classes and usage included in Membership. An orientation is strongly recommended.  You must reserve a Gravity board prior to class by singing up at the Fitness Center Desk. 
For your safety: Do not wear loose fitting clothing, have long hair tied back or up, please do not wear jewelry, and as with any exercise program consult your Physician before participation.