Class Descriptions
Aqua Fitness/Water Aerobics/Deep Water Aerobics: Join us in the pool for stretching, cardio, strength and fun water fitness! Combination of variety of water fitness exercises.
Awesome Abs: 30 minutes of core concentration to strengthen and define your mid-section. All levels welcome but be prepared to multitask.
Body Shop: Add energy and vitality to your life with this total body “tune up” designed for motivated and active seniors. It includes a variety of challenging and imaginative exercises to reach your peak performance.
Chair Volleyball: The class immediately follows the Silver Sneakers class but is open to all seniors. The YMCA team competes quarterly with other chair volleyball teams. No experience needed.
Cycling: Haven’t ever tried cycling? Use this stimulating workout to burn calories and get your motor running. Classes held in the cycling room.
Double Step/ One Step Ahead: This is double the fun of the step class. It’s high intensity, low impact choreographed routine performed using two step platforms. Step into better health.
HIIT Bootcamp: A non stop, powerhouse workout using intervals to combine full body strength training with intense cardio bursts. Guaranteed to burn calories and get your heart pumping.
Lean Extreme: A strength training class using a variety of equipment including free weights, bands, medicine balls, stability balls, and gravity machines.
Mat Pilates: The Stott Pilates method with emphasis on breathing, precision, and flow of movement.
Medicine Ball: You choose the weight size, we’ll bring the intensity. The class targets all areas for strength & toning. You are going to sweat & raise your heart rate while having a “ball”.
Muscle Madness: Intervals combining strength training and short cardio bursts to focus on those hard to one areas of arms, legs, and abs. All levels.
Power Gravity (GTS)/Basic Gravity: A series of high intensity workouts using gravity and your body weight; including unique core and strength exercises with a specific focus on challenging muscle strength and endurance. Orientation
required before use. In the Fitness Center.
Power Up Yoga/Yoga: Gain strength, flexibility, and stamina in this early morning, power filled yoga class. 30 minutes to get in, get strong, and start your day off on positive stance.
Tabata Bootcamp: Within each workout, participants experience short intervals based on Tabata Bootcamp’s training that delivers a calorie drenching workout and leaves you burning calories after your workout is over!
Silver Sneakers: This class is designed for all fitness levels. Exercises incorporates a chair into the workout, as well as props such as exertubes, weights, stretch bands, and more.
X-Plode: A 30 minute, high intensity interval class taught with new fitness trends such as kettle bells, sand bells, and TRX. Work your whole body, making it a fat burning incinerator long after you are done with class.
Zumba: A fusion of Latin and International music / dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and based on the principle that a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO." The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.
Zumfusion/Cardio Dance Blast: A dance fitness class featuring aerobic fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms.
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